Wild camping…in the garden

A week ago I introduced Pigeon and Parrot to wild camping after reading Alistair Humpreys’ books about microadventures. With both boys having additional needs, we needed to start very small. So we camped out in the garden! Our garden is tiny but has just enough space for a pop up tent and two bivvy bags.Continue reading “Wild camping…in the garden”

Our own language

Strangers listening in to our family conversations probably wouldn’t understand much. We have a language of our own. It is part made up of quotes from Star Trek, Horrible Histories and Peter Rabbit; part made up of the boys’ special interests such as pigeons. For example, a day in the life of Pigeon could beContinue reading “Our own language”

Strange places with a wheelchair

When I applied to become an adopter, it was recommended that I was approved for a physically able and active child as we were such an active family. With a background in working with children with special needs and disabilities, that wasn’t my plan! Over a year later, we saw the advert for Parrot andContinue reading “Strange places with a wheelchair”