Wild camping…in the garden

A week ago I introduced Pigeon and Parrot to wild camping after reading Alistair Humpreys’ books about microadventures. With both boys having additional needs, we needed to start very small. So we camped out in the garden! Our garden is tiny but has just enough space for a pop up tent and two bivvy bags.Continue reading “Wild camping…in the garden”

I’ve seen real people!!

This week, I have seen real people! Not just people who came to our door to deliver food and medicines…but friends who came out walking in the fresh air with me and the boys. It has been amazing to see people without them being on a screen! Zoom and other online platforms have been greatContinue reading “I’ve seen real people!!”

A bit of laughter in each day

The lifting and healing power of laughter is well-known. In these pandemic times, it can hard to find things to laugh at though. Even things that should be humourous often aren’t. For example, I don’t find so-called comedy programmes funny, they try too hard and ruin the humour. I miss being in a group ofContinue reading “A bit of laughter in each day”

Changing family habits

Becoming a single parent (plus the events that brought me to that) turned my life upside down.  I have been on a journey of questioning and examining everything since then. Nothing made sense and nothing seemed secure, even my faith for a time. The ‘just in case’ mentality that my family have lived by forContinue reading “Changing family habits”

Strange places with a wheelchair

When I applied to become an adopter, it was recommended that I was approved for a physically able and active child as we were such an active family. With a background in working with children with special needs and disabilities, that wasn’t my plan! Over a year later, we saw the advert for Parrot andContinue reading “Strange places with a wheelchair”

Life through a different coloured lens

We are not your average family. Both children in the family have additional needs; one is my birth child and one is my adopted child. The eldest would like to be known as Pigeon and the youngest, as Parrot. They chose these names and yes, they really do resemble those birds in their characteristics! WhenContinue reading “Life through a different coloured lens”