I have written about ‘stuff’ before and about decluttering. However, having a clear out is not a one time event, as we are constantly finding out. I thought we were fairly good at not having too much stuff and had it under control. Then came two lots of ten day covid isolations (thank you schools!)Continue reading “Stuff”

A playground in our house

What would you say if someone asked you to get rid of your sofa? Most people I know wouldn’t be impressed! But that is what I suggested to Pigeon and Parrot a year ago. The old sofa was in a bit of a state, the two boys had jumped all over it and some dampContinue reading “A playground in our house”

Zero waste – is that even possible?

I like to research ways of doing things differently and to see what might work better for us. The zero waste idea caught my interest a couple of years ago. It looked intriguing, so we had a go… I wanted to see if it was even possible within our rather unusual family situation. Two childrenContinue reading “Zero waste – is that even possible?”

Changing family habits

Becoming a single parent (plus the events that brought me to that) turned my life upside down.  I have been on a journey of questioning and examining everything since then. Nothing made sense and nothing seemed secure, even my faith for a time. The ‘just in case’ mentality that my family have lived by forContinue reading “Changing family habits”


I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist. Some of the hoarders amongst my friends and family would refer to me as that, but I don’t think that quite describes me. What even is minimalism? For some it is white walls, only a few pieces of simple furniture and few decorative items on the walls. For others,Continue reading “Minimalist?”

Wants and Needs

We all have wants and needs. Do we know the difference though? I think in the modern world, it can be confusing for people to differentiate between the two. Do I need ten coats or the latest phone, when one or two coats and a basic, functioning phone might be alright? It is a subjectContinue reading “Wants and Needs”

2020 – a year of changes

We made a lot of changes in 2020. We cut down on electrical gadgets. You will no longer find a toaster, a microwave or an electric mixer in our house. We use our oven and hob for cooking, reheating and toasting, freeing up work-top space in the kitchen. We mix cake and bread mixture byContinue reading “2020 – a year of changes”

Not quite a capsule wardrobe

 I often joke that Pigeon and Parrot could get their clothes dirty in a clean room. So we used to have a lot of clothes, which lead to a lot of laundry. It seemed that the more clothes Pigeon and Parrot had, the more clothes they went through and messed up in a day. DrowningContinue reading “Not quite a capsule wardrobe”