I have written about ‘stuff’ before and about decluttering. However, having a clear out is not a one time event, as we are constantly finding out. I thought we were fairly good at not having too much stuff and had it under control. Then came two lots of ten day covid isolations (thank you schools!)Continue reading “Stuff”

Wild camping…in the garden

A week ago I introduced Pigeon and Parrot to wild camping after reading Alistair Humpreys’ books about microadventures. With both boys having additional needs, we needed to start very small. So we camped out in the garden! Our garden is tiny but has just enough space for a pop up tent and two bivvy bags.Continue reading “Wild camping…in the garden”

I’ve seen real people!!

This week, I have seen real people! Not just people who came to our door to deliver food and medicines…but friends who came out walking in the fresh air with me and the boys. It has been amazing to see people without them being on a screen! Zoom and other online platforms have been greatContinue reading “I’ve seen real people!!”

Is my creativity broken?

I used to be a creative person; indoors I loved painting, drawing, crochet and embroidery and outdoors, I enjoyed making things in wood (like my raised beds) or doing something with the garden. Over the last thirteen years, I haven’t been very creative in these ways. I have done the odd project here and there,Continue reading “Is my creativity broken?”

Zero waste – is that even possible?

I like to research ways of doing things differently and to see what might work better for us. The zero waste idea caught my interest a couple of years ago. It looked intriguing, so we had a go… I wanted to see if it was even possible within our rather unusual family situation. Two childrenContinue reading “Zero waste – is that even possible?”

Lessons learnt from ten years as a single parent:

I need grace, guidance, patience, energy and wisdom from my Father God; on my own, I cannot be an effective parent. I am only one person. I have tried to be two parents to my children, but I just can’t do it! Not to compare myself (and what I can achieve in a day) toContinue reading “Lessons learnt from ten years as a single parent:”

Joy in the little things

It’s easy to get caught up in the fear, in the constant news watching, or in the escapism that others are ‘hiding’ in at the moment. A world pandemic that seems to be out of control is scary, even for people of faith. However, the Lord has been teaching me a strategy for many yearsContinue reading “Joy in the little things”

2020 – a year of changes

We made a lot of changes in 2020. We cut down on electrical gadgets. You will no longer find a toaster, a microwave or an electric mixer in our house. We use our oven and hob for cooking, reheating and toasting, freeing up work-top space in the kitchen. We mix cake and bread mixture byContinue reading “2020 – a year of changes”

Our own language

Strangers listening in to our family conversations probably wouldn’t understand much. We have a language of our own. It is part made up of quotes from Star Trek, Horrible Histories and Peter Rabbit; part made up of the boys’ special interests such as pigeons. For example, a day in the life of Pigeon could beContinue reading “Our own language”

Strange places with a wheelchair

When I applied to become an adopter, it was recommended that I was approved for a physically able and active child as we were such an active family. With a background in working with children with special needs and disabilities, that wasn’t my plan! Over a year later, we saw the advert for Parrot andContinue reading “Strange places with a wheelchair”