Wants and Needs

We all have wants and needs. Do we know the difference though? I think in the modern world, it can be confusing for people to differentiate between the two. Do I need ten coats or the latest phone, when one or two coats and a basic, functioning phone might be alright? It is a subjectContinue reading “Wants and Needs”

2020 – a year of changes

We made a lot of changes in 2020. We cut down on electrical gadgets. You will no longer find a toaster, a microwave or an electric mixer in our house. We use our oven and hob for cooking, reheating and toasting, freeing up work-top space in the kitchen. We mix cake and bread mixture byContinue reading “2020 – a year of changes”

Feeling the world in HD

In a stressful year, many people have found solace walking out in nature. We have found this also and have loved watching the seasons change. But this year there has been an added layer that has calmed more deeply than nature and exercise could do. This year Pigeon and I went barefoot. Not literally, unlessContinue reading “Feeling the world in HD”

Our own language

Strangers listening in to our family conversations probably wouldn’t understand much. We have a language of our own. It is part made up of quotes from Star Trek, Horrible Histories and Peter Rabbit; part made up of the boys’ special interests such as pigeons. For example, a day in the life of Pigeon could beContinue reading “Our own language”

Not quite a capsule wardrobe

 I often joke that Pigeon and Parrot could get their clothes dirty in a clean room. So we used to have a lot of clothes, which lead to a lot of laundry. It seemed that the more clothes Pigeon and Parrot had, the more clothes they went through and messed up in a day. DrowningContinue reading “Not quite a capsule wardrobe”

Out of my comfort zone

I have had to face the thing that I did not want to do…ask for financial help. There is a sizeable streak of independent resourcefulness in me that is partly nature, partly nurture in origin. This characteristic has its benefits, being used on a daily basis as a single parent to two children with specialContinue reading “Out of my comfort zone”

Strange places with a wheelchair

When I applied to become an adopter, it was recommended that I was approved for a physically able and active child as we were such an active family. With a background in working with children with special needs and disabilities, that wasn’t my plan! Over a year later, we saw the advert for Parrot andContinue reading “Strange places with a wheelchair”

Doing things differently at Christmas

This year for Christmas, we did things differently and not just because of the pandemic. Unlike our neighbours, we didn’t decorate our house inside or outside for Christmas; in fact we decided to get rid of the majority of our decorations. The only things that we kept to put out were the refillable advent calendarContinue reading “Doing things differently at Christmas”

Life through a different coloured lens

We are not your average family. Both children in the family have additional needs; one is my birth child and one is my adopted child. The eldest would like to be known as Pigeon and the youngest, as Parrot. They chose these names and yes, they really do resemble those birds in their characteristics! WhenContinue reading “Life through a different coloured lens”