Wild camping…in the garden

A week ago I introduced Pigeon and Parrot to wild camping after reading Alistair Humpreys’ books about microadventures. With both boys having additional needs, we needed to start very small. So we camped out in the garden! Our garden is tiny but has just enough space for a pop up tent and two bivvy bags.

Parrot sleeps in a bed tent every night for his own safety, so a pop up tent was the best way to replicate that. Pigeon however, could cope with a bivvy bag under a tarpaulin. Apart from the boys not going to sleep until the sun went down, it was a fantastic night. Being out in the open air, listening to the dusk chorus and then watching the stars start to come out – absolutely amazing! According to my fitbit, it was one of my best sleep scores in the last few weeks.

Now however, Parrot keeps thinking we are going to sleep outside every night as a new routine. Once you look past his dislike of routine change, there is something in the idea. I think it is the sense of freedom and a better connection with nature. I keep looking at places in the countryside now and thinking, “That would be a good place to sleep!” Our ultimate goal is to wild camp on Dartmoor (one of the few legal places to wild camp) to see the stars with some friends as crazy as us.

I am aware as I write this, just how priviledged we are to have a house and beds to sleep in. Sleeping outside is a choice, not a necessity for us. God has incredibly blessed us. We are blessed to choose to have adventures.

What new adventures could you have?

Published by N Hadley

Single parent to children with additional/special needs. Interested in eco friendly and frugal living, and recently exploring minimalism as a way to express my Christian faith.

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