2020 – a year of changes

We made a lot of changes in 2020.

  1. We cut down on electrical gadgets. You will no longer find a toaster, a microwave or an electric mixer in our house. We use our oven and hob for cooking, reheating and toasting, freeing up work-top space in the kitchen. We mix cake and bread mixture by hand, which provides ‘heavy work’ opportunities for Pigeon and Parrot to help regulate their sensory systems. Oh, I nearly forgot, we gave away the dishwasher too. I like using the time whilst washing up for thinking and praying, creating much needed mental space in a busy household.

2. We tried to be even more plastic free. This isn’t easy in a world that seems to love plastic! We had already made lots of plastic swaps in the previous few years, but there is always more plastic to replace! Our best swap in 2020 was switching to shampoo bars and conditioner bars; which took some effort to find ones that worked for our hair types. Eventually, we found the lovely smelling bars from KinKind and have stuck with them ever since.

3. I became a vegetarian. Pigeon and Parrot are still eating meat, although they do have some vegetarian days with me. So far, I am enjoying food more and have tried many new foods in my search for non-meat proteins. The food bill is lower too!

4. I learnt to budget. This has been a game changer for us. I have always been able to balance money and not go into an overdraft, but where it all went I couldn’t have told you! Learning to budget wasn’t easy at first, but is so worth the time and effort. For the first time ever, I have financial goals for the next year and I have ideas on how to achieve them.

5. I got rid of my pillow and started sleeping on the floor. Goodbye neck and back pain in the morning! This took some transitioning over a month and giving away my mattress. I now sleep on a wool camping mat on the floor (which is placed on a camp bed frame during the day to allow it to breathe).

6. We said goodbye to the sofa. Now we sit on the floor, exercise ball, or floor cushions and Pigeon sits on his spinning sensory carousel. Much better for posture, flexibility and core strength. We do have a futon that is used as a sofa for any visitors who prefer this (whenever the pandemic has allowed for visitors) and as a fold out bed for grandparents.

7. The house resembled a circus/playground even more. To keep Pigeon from breaking the furniture and stair bannisters with his climbing and swinging, I saved up and bought a gymnastic bar and indoor climbing frame in the sales. Both can be taken apart easily and folded away behind other furniture when not needed.

8. Pigeon and I went barefoot. We changed to wearing barefoot shoes and boots. Read my post ‘Feeling the world in HD’ for more information on this.

9. We added a pigeon to our nest. As if our house wasn’t crazy enough, Pigeon got a pigeon! Tiptap, wasn’t a planned addition, she was offered to us after having an accident that left her unable to fly. A neighbour knew that Pigeon was saving up to buy his own pigeons and asked if we wanted to have her as they couldn’t release her with a damaged wing. She has made us her flock and fits very well in our nest; a real blessing during the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic.

I am sure that there were more changes that I could mention, but it is time to focus on 2021. What crazy things will we get up to this year?

Published by N Hadley

Single parent to children with additional/special needs. Interested in eco friendly and frugal living, and recently exploring minimalism as a way to express my Christian faith.

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