Our own language

Strangers listening in to our family conversations probably wouldn’t understand much. We have a language of our own. It is part made up of quotes from Star Trek, Horrible Histories and Peter Rabbit; part made up of the boys’ special interests such as pigeons.

For example, a day in the life of Pigeon could be described like this: He wakes up from his roost (sleep), gets out of his nest (bed), comes down to peck his seed (breakfast) and drink his puddle water (water or milk). Once he has eaten, he goes up to the rainforest (bathroom) to go in the waterfall (shower). After washing, he dries himself with moss (a towel) and puts on his day feathers (clothes). Often we will go out for a flap (run) or a waddle (walk); for either of these he will need his primary wing tip coverings (socks) and secondary wing tip coverings (shoes). Monday to Friday, he will go to the zoo (school) to learn how to coo (English and French) or maybe even count seed (Maths). He will only respond to instructions at home if you use the correct terminology. He will also respond better if a toy pigeon is doing the asking.

Confused yet? It gets more random.

When we are out for a walk in the countryside, any animal faeces are met with a cry of, “Poo, your Majesty!” Close behind this is the question, “Cecil, what’s that word that queens don’t say?” Another loud cry of, “Poo, your Majesty!” will follow. This is where Horrible Histories makes its entrance. Various other HH quotes are heard throughout the day. “That will do pig, that will do!” (from the Peter Rabbit film) can also be heard, when someone is behaving inappropriately. Data from Star Trek once said, “It is…green.” Now anything of that colour prompts that comment perfectly mimicked. Another favourite character to quote in Star Trek is Seven-of -Nine, the ex-Borg drone. Pigeon often likes to tell me that things are, “Irrelevant”, “Unacceptable” and “It is pungent!”

Yes, we are different and it can make having a conversation tricky if you don’t know us very well.  It sure does sort out who is a friend worth having though, anyone who hangs around long enough to learn our language is a ‘keeper’.

Published by N Hadley

Single parent to children with additional/special needs. Interested in eco friendly and frugal living, and recently exploring minimalism as a way to express my Christian faith.

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