Silly voices

Talking through a puppet or soft toy…most parents do it at some point in their child’s life. In fact, I do this on a daily basis despite having a child in secondary school and a child in Key Stage 2 (upper years of primary school). I regularly use toys to provide third-party interactions for Pigeon and Parrot, even in public. They find one-to-one interactions difficult, especially when they are being given instructions. So enter the puppet or their favourite soft toy and me talking in a variety of silly voices; each toy has it’s own character and voice, with over 20 different toys sometimes I get it wrong! When I get it right, it’s amazing how quickly and with such little fuss, Pigeon will obey an instruction to put down his book and get in the shower if given by one of his soft toy menagerie.

However, the talking shallot has got to be the silliest moment so far. Pigeon has lots of sensory issues around eating and a deep dislike of change. After many years and a lot of hard work, he will now eat finely chopped onion that is well-mixed in with his pesto pasta and grated cheese. Brilliant…until the veg bag delivery contains shallots one week rather than the usual onion. He does know what shallots are as we grow them at the allotment, but onions they are not.

Cue the talking shallot! In order to avoid a meltdown and complete refusal of food, I decided that it was a good idea if the shallot introduced itself and apologised for not being an onion. In hindsight, I think tiredness may have influenced my decision making process, but one shallot and a silly voice later he ate the meal with no problems. Phew! I am also very glad that no one else witnessed the performance of the shallot. Back to the soft toys and puppets for me…

Published by N Hadley

Single parent to children with additional/special needs. Interested in eco friendly and frugal living, and recently exploring minimalism as a way to express my Christian faith.

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